Why Am I Doing This?

So, who am I, and why am I keeping a blog?

I’m a 37-year-old Virginia native, state U graduate and former New York City resident (Park Slope, Brooklyn), who was been a dot-com employee (NYC, mid-90s), newspaper reporter (NJ, late 90s), journalism student (NYC, 2000), wire service editor (NJ, early 00’s) and freelance writer.

I accidentally became an at-home dad after moving to Baltimore, Md., in April 2004. My Lovely Bride and I wanted son to grow up closer to family, so we both hunted for jobs (journalism for me, fundraising for her) from Delaware to North Carolina. We agreed to go with whoever got the first, best job offer. My wife found work in Baltimore, so there we went.

I figured I’d find work by Memorial Day, then by mid-summer, then by Labor Day. I turned down an offer with a former employer in Washington, knowing I’d hate the work and the commute. An Annapolis newspaper interview didn’t bring a job offer, so by year’s end, I accepted that I was an at-home dad for awhile.

Now I have have juggled meal prep, laundry and and housekeeping with potty training, home improvement and play groups. And I’ve found incredible strength though a community of at-home dads, who gather weekly in Baltimore to talk sports and ponder their roles as nurturers-in-chief. We even had a year of our lives made into a documentary film.

Though I figure that qualifies me on some level to pontificate about being an at-home dad, I’m still trying to figure it out. This blog bridges the gap.


9 responses to “Why Am I Doing This?

  1. Dear Will, so nice to “hear your voice” or I should say read your writing. Long time no see, it’s Wayne Koscinski way out in the country ! I see you started your own group on Thursdays. I’m glad to see you write even while you struggle with the quality care you give your kids. It feels good to see other people, especially dads, struggle with the incesent craziness of child care. I recently caught myself whining a bit to much perhaps at a big family gathering away in Conneticut recently. My 40 year old cousin was telling me she is considering adopting a child to be a single mom . I almost jumped on her to tell her how crazy she is and how difficult it is. She starting giggling at me and told me I should have my own show.
    Anyway , I hope you are well . I think the space is running out. You do seem to write well, keep it up. Maybe you could bind all your entries together and make a book ? Ok, later, if I can get to the computer. Wayne Koscinski

  2. The weblink to the documentary doesn’t go anywhere!

  3. I just read your hilarious entry on Rants From Mommyland. As a SAHM, I only know one other full-time SAHD. I forwarded him the link because I know he’ll get a kick out of it. Keep up the great work!

  4. I too just picked up your link from Rants From Mommyland. I am not a SAHM but a single working mom 🙂 My kiddos are not elementary age anymore but it only seems like yesterday…anywho. Loved reading a few of your entries!

  5. Picked up your blog from Rants in Mommyland. I’m so excited to see that there are “normal” parents out there…i’m most definitely am not one of the regular ones 🙂 Can’t wait to read more of your stuff. Cheers!

  6. What I am impressed at how dedicated you are to this blog. Good dad perspective too. Keep it up.

  7. Hey Man,
    Great site, and what a crazy story…you really played the “whoever gets a job first” game with your wife. IN the end, you received the most awarding job possible.

    I’m Tommy, and the creator of LifeofDad.com, the first true social network for fathers. My wife and I have two young kids, and I’m also the audience warm-up comic for the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

    I wanted to see if you wanted to become involved with my site. You can build a virtual man cave (user profile) by going to http://lifeofdad.com/join

    After that, if interested, we could chat about having some of your content featured more frequently on Life of Dad. Your voice is perfect for it.

    Either way, I hope to connect with you in the man caves soon. Please send any questions at all my way.

    -Tommy Riles (tom@lifeofdad.com)

  8. Another mom brought here by Rants in Mommyland! Good stuff!

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