Diaper Bag Dialogue: Christmas Shopping

Clearly, this couple does not have children. They're shopping together.

Now that Christmas is here, I give myself the day off (okay, well, the month off – I’ve had actual paid work) from the blog and borrow from the e-mail chat among the Baltimore at-home dads group.

Dad 1: Hi everyone,

I was just wondering how some of you have handled Christmas shopping this year? My wife wants to shop with me, but then what do we do with the kids? Paying a babysitter to go shopping seems a little counterproductive to me. Any ideas?

Dad 2: Commandeer a friend to watch the kids for a couple of hours and offer to watch their children so they can have their time shopping. Oh, and I am busy that day so I am out.

Dad 3: Leave them in the car and hope no one calls Social Services.

Dad 4: You could always just duct tape them to their beds…

Dad 5: You could always shop together online.

Dad 6: Dude i have a 2 year old, so it wasn’t hard at all! Well until he want to walk and play when i was ready to get our of the Mall. Pack snack and let them flip out or do like one of the other guys said and hit up a friend or neighbor to watch your kids while you shop and do the same for them. Make a choice! Screaming impatient kids or paying out money your gonna spend anyway to get what you need to get done! Good luck and Merry Christmas.

Dad 7: If you did not make it out tonight, I feel sorry for you.  I just ran out for a few last things and it is a mad house not only at Babies/Toys but also Best Buy.  I did everything I could to stay away from the mall.  Suggestion.  Dig deep into the pockets and grab a little cash or barter with a friend- You do NOT want to take the little ones out.  It is too crazy out there…

 Yup- We only have one more stop to make and it is Pet Smart- So that does not count.

Dad 8: Guys,

If you haven’t seen this yet it is great, especially this time of year when you want you packages immediately.

I signed up and the packages are coming very fast, sometimes the next day. So it’s not too late!

Don’t let the “Mom” name fool you, they are very clear that it is for dads too and other caregivers.

Also, yesterday I walked through theTarget toy aisles with my boys. Everytime they would check out a toy they might really like, I would discreetly use the Amazon App barcode scanner with my Droid and add the items to my Amazon cart. Bingo, shopping done (and no sales tax). Before you feel too bad for Target, don’t worry, they get plenty of my business the rest of the year.

Good luck and safe travels!

Now from The B-More Dad: I can’t remember the last time my wife and I went shopping together. Maybe for a house, which we kinda had to do together. Or to make faucet and knob choices when we renovated our kitchen.

But these days, it would be far too big a pain between whiny-hungry kids or steaming over paying a babysitter. I’ve learned to trust my judgment in the field (do I buy my daughter the purple sweater or the pink?) and that everything can be returned. Or I search the internet and narrow down the options, then I present her two or three to pick.


We shopped together.


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