Diaper Bag Dialogue: Potty Victory!

Once again, I turn to the Baltimore At-Home Dads group for some real-life conversation about life as an at-home dad. And some talk about poop. And the exhilarating freedom that comes from completing potty training the youngest child in the family. The names from the following e-mails are omitted because I didn’t ask these guys permission to use them.

At-Home Dad No. 1:

“Since I have no one else to crow to about this, I’ll tell you guys—

“After almost eight full years of changing diapers, I am done! Child number three has completed the potty training. Our long national nightmare of butts is finally at an end. The line for congratulatory high fives forms to the right. Thank you.”

At-Home Dad No. 2:

“Dude, major high five!  Your commemorative golden poo nugget is on order.  Now I need to go and change my son’s diaper . . .crap!”

D3: “So are you for hire with your vast experience?!!!”

D4: “You now have about a year of “DADDY!  Can you come wipe my butt?!!!” and having to pull over to find a bathroom more often cuz’ she’s not able to “hold it” as long as the others!  Don’t worry, they’ll be changing your diapers soon….;o)”

D5: “[My son] has been doing it for two weeks now. It’s too good to be true. I call it my Vanilla Sky life. In real life I’m probably in a gutter somewhere, crying ‘How hard can going in the potty be???’”


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