Letter To A Newbie

When I was mopping my kitchen floor the other day, I thought about my buddy Vince, who becomes an at-home dad on Monday. I first met him in the winter, when he showed up at Drinks for Dads, the Baltimore at-home dads’ group’s monthly bar night sans kiddos.

Vince had found the group as he and his wife researched the possibility that he might stay home with the baby, who wasn’t even born yet. They were kind enough to have my Lovely Bride and our kiddos over to help win his wife over to the idea.

Baby was born. Maternity leave is ending, and I thought about Vince and what I wish I had known when I took the same plunge six years ago.

To find out, check out my guest post at The Baltimore Sun’s Charm City Moms blog. I bristle at the blog’s title as excluding dads, but they make up for it with a themed “Father’s Day Friday.”

Check out the post here.


One response to “Letter To A Newbie

  1. Borrowed Abode

    Really liked your post at the Sun. I think it’s great advice for stay-at-home parents of either gender. I don’t have kids yet, but all my friends do – and I can’t imagine being an at-home parent. . . and staying sane.

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