Mud Pit

My son is the muddy one.

Today was just about as happy a Father’s Day as I could have wished for.

My children greeted me in bed – after 7 a.m.! – with a homemade card and pencil holder, plus a brand-spanking new grill pan and a pair of tiki torches from my Lovely Bride. Then a full morning at our new church. They’re in the middle of a really rich sermon series on forgiveness, and we have joined a small group to talk it through each week.

After leftovers for lunch, my lovely bride and I got to nap for an hour and a half! Talk about feeling like a new man – until my 7-year-old son woke me, wanting to make a papier-mache craft he found in a book. I had considered some “me-time” to redeem some mall store credit, plus we couldn’t find a balloon. But my super-finder wife came to the rescue. I didn’t really want to schlep to the mall anyway.

We filled the kiddie pool just as the neighbor kids called. They were bouncing off the walls a day before a trip to Hershey Park. We warned their mother that the “mud pit” was open. That’s the tiny corner of the yard between the sandbox, the tomatoes, the sidewalk and the garage, where making of, stomping in and squishing of mud is fully authorized and encouraged. I think our neighbor-mom-friend regretted sending her boys, or at least putting them in a new not-so-mudworthy bathing suit.

The kids had a wonderful time, and I had a great time being lazy and watching them while my Lovely Bride fixed supper. (That’s got to be one of the best things about weekends: I don’t have to fix supper, bathe children, answer the phone and pick up the house, all while trying to listen to the news.) The kids wanted to go to a restaurant for dinner, but we kept it simple with sausages on the grill. Getting the kids cleaned up for a restaurant – plus choosing where to go – that would have interrupted my Father’s Day inertia. My Lovely Bride broke in my new meshy grill pan with an awesome concoction of black beans and corn-off-the-cob!

When the time came, I literally hosed off the children before throwing them in the tub. Got them in bed, drained the mud-filled kiddie pool and now have settled in on the front porch watching the new tiki torches sizzle.

Ahhh… I wish every Sunday were like this.


One response to “Mud Pit

  1. Will

    I’m glad you had such a wonderful Father’s Day! You deserve it!


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