How ironic that on the final day of Census training, when I was running the latest I had all week, I arrived at the classroom the earliest.

It’s been rush-rush-rush all week. Rush to get dressed before the kids wake up. Rush to walk the dog and fix lunches. Rush the kids through breakfast and out the door by 8.


And then there’s the worrying all day about whether the neighbor-of-the-day will remember to pick up Eddie from school. Or I’ll get a call from the principal’s office saying they have my son. (That happened – only once, last year – when I got stuck in the dentist’s chair.)

Somehow, Friday was different and better. I slept in (for 15 minutes – woo-hoo!) until 6:30 and still had plenty of time for Eddie to open birthday presents and fiddle with his new Spider-Man digital camera without me prodding him to unwrap the next present. (He had his sister for that.) We had his favorite breakfast and were late getting him to the friend who was walking him to school. That got Carla to preschool later than planned, but somehow it worked out that I reached training early.

Maybe it’s because I got better at eliminating distractions (not reading e-mails or checking Facebook – who has time?). And better at making breakfast and packing lunches at the same time. But it still felt like constant rushing. Would it be possible to do this all the time and not feel exhausted by 9 a.m. every day? (It probably didn’t help that I went out for drinks with my at-home dads’ group on Thursday night.)

Or is this the reality of families where both parents work?

For more about how the Census job started, click here.


3 responses to “Rush-Rush-Rush

  1. Sadly, what you write rings very true. It is all rush, rush, rush and then I wonder why I am having trouble making plans to get together with my friends. I am just too darn exhausted by the time I get through all the things I HAVE to do.

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