Four People To Replace Me

And now for a bit of self-indulgence. I realized today that it takes at least four people to replace me. I’m going to Virginia – by myself! – for the weekend, and it’s taking four friends to help pull off the child care – and that’s just for one day.

I leave at 6 a.m. on a Friday for Fredericksburg, Va. There, the local garden club is having an Arbor Day tree planting in memory of my grandmother, who died last summer at age 90. (This was the woman who dubbed a kitchen implement “The Bobbitt Knife” in honor of the guy in the 90s whose wife cut off his you-know-what.) After lunch with my parents, I’m off to spend the night at my sister’s house in Staunton, Va. Then on Saturday, I return to the University of Virginia to celebrate the 120th anniversary of The Cavalier Daily, the student newspaper where I got my start in journalism.

Back in Baltimore, my wife can handle the Saturday part by getting Carla to ballet in the morning and Eddie to lacrosse in the afternoon.

The Friday part is another matter.

First, my Lovely Bride drops Eddie at 7:30 a.m. with neighbor A. He and I alternate walking each other’s kids to school, so this isn’t a huge deviation from the norm. Then Carla goes to preschool by 8 a.m., an hour early. Eddie gets out at 12:45 – school ends early because of the end of the marking period – and goes home with neighbor B. But she can only keep him until 5, so then he goes to neighbor C. Carla, meanwhile, might be going home with neighbor D, whose son goes to the same preschool.

I’m tired just thinking about all this.

But I’m grateful to have four friends and neighbors – and a Lovely Bride – to help me pull this off!

Thanks, team!


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