Objective Correlative

Objective Correlative” is the wickedly funny blog of my wife’s former college classmate, and it is can’t-miss reading. It’s written by an American-born, Southern-reared woman, educated at a private New England women’s college and married to a Frenchman and now living in Spain, where she raises her four children, including twin 7-year-old boys.

Nathalie Mason-Fleury describes her blog as “confessions of a wayward academic, one-time propagandist, retired entrepreneur and writing mother.” I keep wishing for a book from her, and I know she has some sort of play in the works. In her free time. Until then, I have to be satisfied with her occasional blog posts.

Her latest entry, “Some thoughts on European vs. American attitudes towards childrearing,” is especially good. Check it out here.


2 responses to “Objective Correlative

  1. Thanks so much for the plug Will. Your blog is very popular among my FB friends, as well!

    I actually have written a play:) Working on getting it produced (likely in ATL in the next year or so–regardless of what they publish, theaters tend to have their line-up prepared one year out.)

    “Reincarnation”, a play by Betsy San Miguel and Nathalie Mason-Fleury, is a 21st century “Auntie Mame” meets “Volpone”. Helena Starling, a former B movie actress turned socialite and philanthropist, reflects on her legacy. Meanwhile, Helena’s family and friends have their own designs on her money. An eccentric “grande dame”, family dysfunction and battle over inheritance are just the launching point for this chronicle about family, greed, friendship, and broaching the distance between expectations, regret and reality. With multiple plot twists and a tone that alternates between comedy and high drama, unforeseen events force Helena to make a final choice in confronting her own mortality.

  2. PS: Thought about your post where you and other fathers get berated for socializing at some sort of children’s museum workshop — if only they knew about cocktail playdates!

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