Mommy Wants A Wii

My Lovely Bride has declared that she would like a Wii for her birthday.

Wii boxWe debated getting a Wii for the children for Christmas (“To Wii, Or Not To Wii?”) and ended up deciding against it. I’m a big proponent of playing outside unless it’s wet, windy and below freezing (gotta have all three to justify playing inside; if two, we negotiate). As someone who can’t be left alone with a bag or Oreos, I was afraid my problem with limits would suck the entire family down the rabbit hole of wanting to play the thing endlessly. And create more whining: “Daddyyyyyyy, I wanna play Wiiiiiiiiiiii…”

Neighbors with kids the same age as ours got one last year, and they allow Wii only on weekends. Seems like a good policy, but I just couldn’t figure out how we were supposed to get any other Christmas presents for the kids when the Wii pretty much wiped out the gift budget. (“Sorry kids, there are no other presents because we spent all our money on the Wii.”) At least we had figured out that it would be a family present, not for one or the other kid, so maybe there wouldn’t be any “But it’s myyyyyy Wii!” After trying one out with my wife’s 8-year-old niece and 11-year-old nephew, we realized that our 4-year-old could hardly operate the thing. (We tried a golf game.) So we held off on getting one.

One thing is for sure: we’re not shelling out $129 apiece for a Nintendo DS for the kids. They keep asking, especially after they our niece and nephew playing on theirs. That’s fine that they have theirs, but it’s not going to work for us. My wife and I finally came up with the party line: (1) We don’t care what your cousins have; we’re your parents, not theirs. (2) You play a DS by yourself; we want you to have games you play with others. (3) You’ll probably lose it. (If you can hook your DS up to somebody else’s, don’t tell me. It will undermine my argument, so I don’t want to know.)

Earlier this month when my wife visited her college pal Aruna for her dad’s funeral, they played  Wii with the whole family after the service. Everybody in the group from tweens to 40-somethings got in on the friendly competition – whooping and hollering as they raced cows to I-don’t-know-where. When my wife got back, she said what fun it would be if she and Aruna and Jen (their other best friend) could race cows together. I can just see these three professional women in their 30s in Boston, Baltimore and Portland, Oregon, hooting across a continent at each other as they race. (I’d need a few drinks first to not feel like a dork.)

These three friends don’t get together often, given how far they’re spread apart. And somehow I don’t see getting much traction with saying I’m saving for Daddy’s Motorcycle Fund. So now it’s a matter of finding the right mix of plain Wii, Wii Sports, Wii Play and enough accessories.

The idea would be that it’s Mommy’s Wii, so we can only play it when she’s home.

Wii will see.


2 responses to “Mommy Wants A Wii

  1. As I said in to Wii or not to Wii….we have one, and we DO play it together, but my oldest son plays less than 2 hours a week, and currently has given it up for lent. We found out at scouts the other night that he is the only kid in his den that does not have a DS. I don’t really care, I’ve told Eli this MANY times. I’ve explained my issues with the DS to him (basically the same issues you have with it). Lately however he has taken to being VERY sneaky in his ploys to acquire one. He has been wading more and more into the shark tank that is adult conversation. Feebly like a wobbly legged doe, he interjects pointless questions, or repeats exposition with different inflection. Then when I’ve had enough, he throws it out there that if he “had a DS he wouldn’t pay attention to what I was talking about”. Ahh…so he IS paying attention AND listening to NPR…good for him, he has hope of not being a corporate robot.

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