What To Do? Wednesday: Skiing!

It’s “What To Do? Wednesday,” and here’s the latest thing I’m trying: skiing! Baltimore County public schools are closed on Friday, January 29, so I’m taking my 6-1/2-year-old for the first time.

I learned to ski in Virginia and West Virginia, and moved on to Vermont-New Hampshire-Maine, then Colorado-California and even once to Switzerland. But I haven’t been in 15 years since I was in college and my own father paid for it.

The biggest factor in choosing where to go is the quality of the ski school. As a former swim instructor, I’ve had practically no success teaching my children to swim because I lose my patience too easily. Plus, they won’t listen to me, anyway. So I know I need a paid professional to teach skiing, too.

I’ll let you know how it turns out!

I queried the Baltimore At-Home Dads group for advice, and here’s what they said:

“I worked at Ski Roundtop in Lewisbury, Pa. If the drive isn’t too much for ya, I highly recommend it. I worked up there about 3 years ago as an instructor, and the children’s programs are excellent. As well as a nice wide beginner hill. Prices aren’t too bad, and I know you could probably find a deal depending on the day. Ski Liberty might be closer and probably just as good.”


“Ski Liberty is a great family option and totally turnkey. The “magic carpet” conveyor is far better than the old rope tows we grew up on. I took [my 6-year-old] there a few times and did very well.”


“Liberty Mountain is about 1.5 hours away.  Have a ski school and the kids have their own area for lessons.  Not sure on the cost, but it’s about in line with everywhere else. Kids have magic carpet, and the bunny hill has a lift, so kids can also learn to ride. I have been up a few time to snowboard both myself and with friends, but never with the boys.  I am no firsthand expert, but I will say that they crank out a ton of youth lessons and you see some pretty young kids on the bigger slopes, so I would say that they are pretty good.”


Whitetail…less than 90 min, bigger mountain. Liberty and Roundtop…1hr plus. As far as I know, all good and reasonable.”


“Whitetail is close and nice(1-1/2 hrs), JackFrost has a great kids program (3hrs), but I really dig Mont St. Anne in Quebec, Canada.  Quebec City is great and beautiful in winter snow.  Mont Tremblant in Quebec is an alternative but more expensive.  But I think you only have 1 day, right?  So check out Whitetail.  I wouldn’t fret about ski school, kids love skiiing and catch on very quick.  He’ll be zipping down slopes after the morning lesson.”


“I have been skiing for over 30 years, but I took my first lesson at Ski Roundtop.  I have nothing but great memories of that first day.  Their beginner slopes are great, and they have expanded since I was there to include several more beginner slopes. I remember I was skiing on Minuteman by the afternoon. I would recommend renting skis at the place as they usually have a beginner package that will include rentals, lift ticket and the lesson. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of dragging all the equipment up there and back again plus hauling it around while you buy your ticket, etc.”



2 responses to “What To Do? Wednesday: Skiing!

  1. Day trip to Quebec? Tell you what, we’ll head out tonight you leave now and we’ll meet you at Vail!!

  2. I spoke wiht a friend of mine who’s wife does Ski Patrol for Ski Roundtop, Ski Liberty and Whitetail and he mentioned that his kids learned to ski at Whitetail and the kids programs (in his words) is excellent!! i hope everything works out for you!!

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