Where The @$&?#!& Are Your Shoes?

When our first-grade son couldn’t find his shoes for a day and half this weekend, I came sooooooo close to teaching him a lesson about not putting things away.

But wouldn’t you know it – I found the darn things 45 seconds before he was supposed to leave for school.

His everyday tennis shoes vanished some time during his sister’s 4th birthday party on Saturday. There were lots of little girls playing dressup, so it only seemed natural that he’d be wearing no shoes or socks amid such chaos. But come to think of it, he must have had them on when the grandparents took us to Café Hon (www.cafehon.com) Saturday night.

But come time for church Sunday morning, they were nowhere to be found. We looked in his closet, under the bed, under his sister’s bed, in the dressup box, in the front-door closet, under the sofa and all those places at least two more times. No shoes. By the time the Ravens finished squashing the Patriots, we had to get outside, so he put the snow boots on.

The shoe hunt reached crisis point Monday morning when it was time to get dressed for school. Monday is gym day. No gym shoes means no gym class, and our son was really starting to get upset. I admit that I hate looking for things, but my wife will attest that I put in my best effort. I was ready for our son to go to school in his snow boots and have to sit out at gym class. (My wife reluctantly agreed – she just didn’t want to buy him a new pair of shoes.) After all, as I tell him at least 87 times a day, “We put things away so we can find them when we want.”

Two minutes before time to leave, he comes downstairs with his too-small shoes, which he laced up himself.

“How do they fit?” I asked.

“Well, they’re kind of uncomfortable, but they’re okay,” he answers.

I try not to gloat.

“Well, I like your thinking,” I tell him. “You’re doing the best you can, and you thought of your own solution to the problem. Now let’s go to school.”

I go to hand him his backpack, which feels strangely heavy. What’s inside?

Those @$&?#!& shoes.


3 responses to “Where The @$&?#!& Are Your Shoes?

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your suggestions!

  2. PS – that is a HILARIOUS story. Typical day in life with kids, though!

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