Port Discovery Survey / Renovating Young Kids’ Area

Port Discovery, an outstanding children’s museum in Baltimore (www.portdiscovery.org), is preparing to renovate and expand its young children’s area, known as The Sensation Station. If you would like to provide some input into the new area, which is intended for infants, toddlers and preschoolers up to age four, then use the link below.

I love Port Discovery — though it can be harrowing for to take my 3- and 6-year-old there and lose them as they head in opposite directions on the 3-story climbing structure — but the number one thing I wish they would do is scrub the place within an inch of its life. A lot of the museum’s areas are grimy and shop-worn, and heavily used parts are wearing out.



2 responses to “Port Discovery Survey / Renovating Young Kids’ Area

  1. I told the Port Discovery public relations person that I was linking the blog to their Sensation Station survey. On the internet, people often feel free to write things they wouldn’t otherwise say in civil face-to-face conversation. Yet with a background as a newspaper and magazine reporter, I know not to surprise people in print.

    That said, here’s what the good folks at Port Discovery had to say to me:

    We really appreciate your feedback and want you to know that we are working hard to address the issues you have cited. There are definitely areas within the museum that are more “loved” than others, and we are hoping that with the renovations of Sensation Station and The Diner (which will actually be renovated by this spring) will not only enhance the guest experience but improve the appearance of the museum as well.

    If you have any additional thoughts/recommendations, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Michelle Winner
    Vice President of Marketing
    Port Discovery Children’s Museum

  2. Great post, very informative, thank you for sharing!

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